Take a deep breath… Let your body relax… And listen to the ocean waves. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? The wind blowing, the slow, soft crash of the water against the sand, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the slowing beats of your heart…

What happened? Where did you go? Did your mind leave your body behind?


Words have the power to take you to another land, to evoke feelings and memories, and to iluminate the lessons and lives of people who lived so very long ago.

Words can take you to a far-flung future, show you the new ideas that cannot happen today, be the spark to open the mind and heart and soul.

Words aren’t just a bunch of letters on a page or a screen.

Words are for life.

Hello reader, and welcome to JTXN Communications, a company that focuses on words for life. Are you here looking for something? Because this website, this company, is new, and there’s little to seek here (for now).

There will be projects, of course.

There’s much to come, and I hope this works for the both of us.

Here’s to you and me,

Lui Natasha Amanda,
Owner of JTXN Communications.