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Hi, I’m Rain

I’m an English language tutor with a background in ghostwriting and a degree in linguistics.

I’ve created articles, magazines, books and websites for hundreds of entrepreneurs who happen to call Singapore home. (No names allowed here though — ghostwriters don’t write and tell.) 

And my degree in linguistics (the study of language) comes from Nanyang Technological University. Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies, second upper class honours. 


What’s a ghostwriter? Glad you asked. 

A ghostwriter is someone you hire to write something for you.

Need an article to your name but you can’t write? Ghostwriter. 
Want a book published but you haven’t the time? Ghostwriter.
Want the fame and honour and recognition that comes with being a published name, but you can’t put the right words on paper? (Who you gonna call?) Ghostwriter! 

And, obviously, I won’t go around telling everyone you hired me. 

But… is this legal??

As legal as the most decadent, luxurious, sumptuous chocolate cake. You know the one — the soft, moist layers of cake alternating with dark, flowing chocolate, clouds of fluffy light cream, and topped with more chocolate shavings and a red, plump, sweet berry sleeping in a bed of piped cream — everyone’s having it, there is no law against it, but it’s such a guilty secret that sshhhh

Ghostwriters are common guilty little secrets. And like damn good chocolate cake, some are better than others. 

It’s also just as well that some cost more than others too.

So, let’s get published…

Because the blank pages are waiting.

An article, a book, a blog post, a website — so many ways to get yourself out there — what are you going to fill them with?

Send in a note, and let’s meet, shall we? 

Is this the part where I write the words “non-obligatory discussion”? Yes, and no.

Will I expect you sign a book project with me just for meeting? Of course not. But I do ask for your time and an open mind. Let’s meet where we can chat over cake and coffee. (We’ll go dutch, so no stress either way.)

Send in a note, and let’s find out what we both can do.